Foundation Training

Foundation Training is about DECOMPRESSION and SUPPORTING your body. Getting the forces and frictions OUT of your JOINTS and into your MUSCLES. This a fabulous TUNE UP for a compressed body and a POWERFUL TOOL for changing the movement patterns that may be holding you back and unwinding the GOOD things that you do.

Foundation Training is a series of corrective body-weight exercises developed by Dr. Eric Goodman.

How you move has a HUGE INFLUENCE over the quality of your cellular components, your joint health and your mobility.
The LITTLE THINGS you do consistently always trump the BIG THINGS you do every once in a while.
Foundation Training is a tool I TAKE WITH ME TO LIFE.
There is not a single move I make that doesn't integrate these concepts. Bending over, standing, walking, stairs, reaching, brushing my teeth, breathing, treating patients, putting a leash on my dog, vacuuming...literally EVERYTHING.
The Scientific Principle of Progressive Adaptation states that we are CONSTANTLY don't have a choice. The question is, WHAT ARE YOU ADAPTING TO? Chairs? Screens? Shoes?
Join me for this feel good class and learn to MOVE WELL AGAIN.